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Coaching that transforms the body
and mind, through herbalism, nutrition, lifestyle approaches and Christian
life coaching.

I take a holistic approach to reaching your wellness, health and life goals. I like to offer suggestions that include movement, rest, ritual, certain foods, herbs and supplements that may gain a desired benefit. I love to give a listening ear with my undivided attention and get to really know you!

All of my coaching clients get 15% off of all the products on my shop and get huge savings and discounts on most of the big herb and supplement brands!


Years of ongoing study and research goes into my nutritional, supplemental, herbal and lifestyle recommendations as well as spiritual recommendations. 

Decadent Yet Nutritious

I will coach you around eating delicious nutritious foods, how to make conventionally ‘unhealthy’ food healthier, and how to make herbal teas and formulas taste out of this world.

Balanced Approach

I will help you set measurable and reasonable goals. I will work with you on what we can agree together are the best approaches specific to you.

My Approach




More Natural Approach


No Crash or Restrictive Diets


Reasonable Goals


Client Oriented

How It Works



$500 for one month, 1 60-minute session a week


3 Months

$1250 for 3 months, 1 60-minute session a week. Save $250


6 Months

$2000 for 6 months, 1 60-minute session a week. Save $1000


1 year (Best Value!)

$3750 for 12 months, 1 60-minute session a week. Save $2250

*Bi-weekly plans are available for all packages, with the cost just cut in half.