Red Light Therapy

If you are lacking in the area of energy, brain function, fatigue, energy, creativity, focus, and immunity, I have a routine with food in combination with supplements that have significantly helped me. I take these with a meal daily. I may take these with my first or second meal, depending on what my day looks like. If you’re more prone to the mid-day slump, this may be better to start at noon rather than in the morning. You may even want to repeat this routine twice a day. It’s really simple and you’re probably already doing one of these things… Let me show you how to pair these daily items the most efficiently. See links at the end of this article for discounts!


Coffee is the backbone of a metabolic routine. Why? For various reasons such as the tannins (which I like to combat iron overload which most people have in their stored tissues and organs!), magnesium content, antioxidants, but I would say the biggest reason is the caffeine content. Caffeine can increase feelings of energy by increasing the metabolic burn rate of energy aka calories. Caffeine has been shown to increase blood flow, which decreases the risk for neurodegenerative disorders. Sluggish blood flow is a major marker of heart issues, brain fog, tiredness, numbness, cold extremities, slow metabolism, etc. All of those issues can be related to slow metabolism. 1 cup of coffee has about 100mg of caffeine, depending on the roast. Blonde roast has the highest amount of caffeine with the least bitter taste and dark roast has the lowest amount of caffeine with the most bitter taste. I tend to stay in the medium roast range, which is a balance of everything. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you could try low caffeine tea such as white or green tea. Higher caffeinated teas are oolong and black tea, which still have less caffeinated content than coffee.

Caffeinated beverages should never be taken on an empty stomach. Caffeine needs a ready store of glycogen (stored energy in the liver) to metabolize properly. Coffee or tea should be taken with a balance of macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbs. For protein, I like to add collagen or casein from Saturee. For fat, I like to add raw milk, raw cream, or coconut milk. For carbs, I like to use: plain old white sugar (Domino sugar is cheap and non-GMO), raw sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup, or honey. My favorite coffee sweetener is maple syrup. Bee pollen can be added for a boost of B vitamins. I like to drink 1-3 cups daily, as needed and as tolerance allows.



Shilajit is my metabolism booster power combo with coffee. Shilajit (pronounced sheela-jeet) is a resinous-like substance of decomposed ancient plant material. It is found in high altitudes such as the Himalayas, Altai Mountains, and the Andes. The combination of the tannins in coffee + shilajit also get rid of excess iron and prevents its uptake. Excess iron has been shown to deplete bioavailable copper because those two minerals compete with one another. Copper is an extremely important metabolic mineral, without it, stress hormones increase, immunity decreases, and metabolism decreases. See more about copper in the last paragraph. Shilajit contains 84 minerals which many we are deficient in because of soil depletion and acid rain which has messed up our mineral ratio in our water and soil. With Shilajit, I get a rush of energy from the essential minerals, especially copper, fulvic and humic. I take 2-4 a day with coffee after a meal every day.

Methylene Blue

Methylene blue is the cherry on top for metabolism-boosting. It gives the mitochondria energy and acts as an antioxidant by donating electrons. Antioxidants are needed to combat and neutralize free radicals, which lead to aging and diseases such as cancer. Methylene blue acts as an antiviral, inhibiting energy-draining viruses such as epstein-barr and covid. It was given to soldiers during World War I. Methylene blue taken with shilajit and coffee around noon gets rid of any prevents any mid-day slump and acts as a nootropic enhancing brain function and overall health & energy. I get my Methylene blue from Troscriptions and take the recommended amount on the label. For calm energy, as an analgesic and lowering appetite I take Cannatine but on a regular day for more stimulated energy I take Just Blue. I take Methylene Blue once every 1-3 days.

Red Light Therapy

The last step in part 1 of my series on Biohacking Your Focus and Creative Energy is red light therapy. Red light is what we get when we sit by a warm fire, look at the sunset or sunrise. It is also the warmth we feel from the sun during the day, although the daytime sun also emits blue light, which stimulates our body and mind. I spend my early evenings by limiting blue light on my screens, turning on the “night mode” or “blue light filter” on my phone. Watching movies on a TV would make blue light blocker glasses handy. We use Therabulb Red Lights in our own home to mitigate all the extra artificial blue light during the day that we get from computers, phones, and TV screens. We also don’t watch a sunrise and sunset every day, so Therabulb Red Lights come in handy so we can still get our daily dose of red light no matter what. I love red light for many reasons listed as follows.. Skin appearance, Red Light Therapy stimulates the production of cells that make our skin supple and “bounce back” like elastin-promoting cells such as fibroblasts and collagen.  It stimulates circulation by nitric oxide production which aids in wound healing and lessens chronic pain. It balances hormones by inducing melatonin production, whereas blue light limits melatonin production which is partly responsible for the rising depression and insomnia in modern today. It induces mitochondrial activation and much more. Red light stimulates the production of cellular energy and makes your body more efficient at converting fuel such as food into energy. “Infrared light helps our bodies perform multiple important functions. It aids in cell repair and regeneration. It can increase blood circulation, which has shown to promote collagen production, faster healing, and reduce symptoms of chronic pain.” -From the book Infrared Light Therapy For Recovery, Fitness, Skin Care and Total-Body Wellness.


Ever since this routine, my husband and I, who previously suffered from chronic fatigue have felt energy like no other. This has been a life-changer for us. My friend got her period back after 11 months of not having it within 4 days of me sharing my routine with her. So, I just wanted to share part one of some of the things I do for total body wellness and energy to bless others who may be looking for ways to improve their functionality. This routine helps us get rid of the excess iron that store in our tissues rather than circulating in our bloodstream. The stored iron can contribute to disease, excess stress, estrogen dominance, PMS, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and more because the iron rusts our tissues and organs, degrading our body and feeds excess bacteria. Copper is what is needed as a cofactor to transmit iron into the blood cells rather than it getting stored in the tissue. Getting rid of excess iron via this biohacking routine of coffee, shilajit, methylene blue, and red light therapy + vitamin c like Mitolife Resilien-C (whole food vitamin C only, ascorbic acid synthetic vitamin c supplements compete with and deplete copper too), donating blood, taking bioavailable copper supplements like Sovereign Copper, eating grass-fed beef, eating organ meat such as liver, and lowering stress if possible is accessible things you can do now that is a complete game-changer for total body wellness especially energy and focus. This has been a new lifestyle and learning for me. I have been learning ancient wisdom and modern innovations which are beneficial for mankind, especially those living in a high-stress environment from EMF and being disintegrated from nature. Supplementing is pretty much essential for everyone today due to the changes in soil, water, and air content which has disrupted our gut biome and iron-copper ratio levels. Stay tuned for part 2 of the biohacking your focus and creative energy series!


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